Mil Company Profile

Mil Company is a vertically integrated textile and apparel development company from the design until the production of total look collections.

We specialize in wholesale & retail consultancy, men's and women's formal wear, sportswear, active-wear and lifestyle.

A) Services referred to the design and make of the samples :
Þ      Garment design, fabric selection, colour combination made by Italian and European Designers

Þ      Sourcing of Italian, Japanese, Chinese fabrics and accessories

Þ      Settlement of the materials and make of the model according to the target price of the client

Þ      Merchandising of the collection according to colour groups and monthly delivery to the shop

Þ      Digital illustration of the collection

Þ      Make of paper patterns, prototypes and exhibition samples by Italian sample room

Þ      Support of our pattern makers and technicians by the Chinese sewing factory

Þ      Renewal of the identity of existing brands and creation of new brands

B ) Services referred to bulk production and trading :
Þ      bulk production of garments by Italian manufacturers for Japanese, American and Chinese clients

Þ      bulk production of garments by Chinese manufacturers for European and American clients

Þ      Sourcing of garments and accessories by Italian suppliers for Japanese and Chinese clients

Þ      Buying Office of garments and accessories by Italian suppliers for Japanese and Chinese clients
Our services referred to apparel field regard namely the high level product distinguished for the use of high quality materials, the complexity of the construction of the model and the careful make of the garment realized by sewing factories based on the quality and not on the quantity of production

C)      Services referred to retail

Þ      Architectural and interior design of shops created by European Designers

Þ      Layout and furnishing of shops

Þ      Store planning

Þ      Visual merchandising
Our services about retail regard mainly fashion shops and luxury goods basically referred to the western lifestyle , namely to the Italian one.
Mil Company is a unique one-stop-shopping resource tailored to both wholesalers and retailers with flexible adaptability to clients’ needs.
Created in Milano - Italy in 1999 by apparel industry professionals, Mil Company moved from Italy to Switzerland and established the office in Lugano on beginning of 2006 and on September 2009 we opened the new office at Ponte Capriasca, ten minutes far from Lugano. 
The foundation of Mil Company resides in the core partnership of the founders, Saverio Adamo and his wife Hisako Hashikawa. The two partners have worked side by side to create a design and production firm founded on the rigors of quality design and high level project execution.
Before our creative and productive process begins, we develop a thorough understanding of who our clients are, where they aspire to be and how they should be positioned in the marketplace.
The integration of the specific experience of the Italian and Japanese partners and staff, achieved inside International Apparel Companies, allows us to offer a wide range of services and consultancy.

                                                                                    Saverio Adamo

Hisako HashikawaHisako Hashikawa

Menswear design
Womenswear design